Mistress Chadford


Clear as glass, flowing like clear cool water.
Zoning out and into complete oneness with my voice and eyes.

High definition 1080p
with audio and visual special effects.


A mysterious mesmerizing Succbus appears,
speaking directly into your brain.
She forces you to cum, therefore becoming Hers forever
as you see flashes of her true form.

Long satin gloves, sunglasses,
and a mesmerizing tease

Welcome darling. So glad you stopped in for a session.
I've locked the door behind you for some private time.

Let's see what we can do about that bulge in your pants,
and the bulge in your wallet ; -)

contains: hypnosis, financial domination, tease and denial

Student-Teacher foot worship
jack-off instruction.

Mistress Chadford instructs you.

Naked at my feet

So you want to please Mistress Chadford?

Start naked in My presence.
Begin at my feet and think of ways to please me.

Bewitched: Such A Good Slave

I am a witch who lures you to her lair then traps you with a powerful paralysis spell, then reveal that my breasts are magical orbs that nourish you with a powerful love spell. You fall deep under my control as I mercilessly seduce into mindlessly repeating my trigger phrases.

As you lie paralyzed you are shocked to find when I suck my finger you feel every sensation in your cock. As I finally allow you to orgasm, all resistance explodes as I claim you to be my love slave forever.

This induction is quite different than my other creations with multilayered audio and video, contains nudity, trigger words and phrases and is only intended for those who desire an intense mindfuck.

MistressChadford knows you are gay!

Admit it. You know you are gay. Admit your deep attraction to cock. You must go to a gay bar. You're going to find a man with a big cock to suck. Say it. Scream it! "I am gay". Over 20 minutes of gay hypno cocksucking fantasy.

Pantyhose Mind

Pantyhose Programming:
You long to feel silky sheer pantyhose against your cock and legs.
Unleash your secret desires to wear silky pantyhose
and gain the courage to buy your very own and wear them.

Mistress Chadford
Financial Domination Beginner Series Part 1

You crave the thrill of financial enthrallment.
Begin here.

Mesmerizing SPH - shrinking penis!
Part 1 of 2

Mistress Chadford knows your secret. You have a tiny mushroom-like penis that doesn't even work. You cum before you even get hard. I will mesmerize your penis to shrink so that no more women will be bothered with your pathetic attempts at sex! (This is for Steve, but buy it anyway if you have a different name). It's not like any woman would remember your name anyway, hahaha wow!

part 2 of 2 Mistress Chadford
hypnotizes your penis to shrink

Mistress Chadford shrinks your penis even more!
Cuckolding you, taunting you and making fun of your tiny little dick that doesn't even work.

Your exes have told me all about how they set you up and made fun of you.

Mistress Chadford
JackOff Punishment

Mistress catches you staring.

Noticing that growing bulge in your pants,
She locks the door behind you.

Your punishment begins.

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